There are many reasons which have made people believe in God, and some of the main ones are explored below. For many people it is a mixture of different reasons! Please do share your own experiences in the comments below and which of the points you most identify with. So without further ado, here are some reasons for why you might believe in God.

1. You have believed in God for as long as you can remember

You were probably brought up with faith and learnt about God from an early age. You may have attended church regularly and been shown an example by your elders. You were familiar with the traditions ever since you were a child and it is something you have followed through with.

2. You instinctually know that God exists

God existing just makes sense to you! You may have a feeling deep inside, an emotional intelligence which innately tells you that there is a universal force out there.

3. You have had a profound experience which had led you to believe in God

Some may call it coincidence, but you know better. God has shown His love for you in some way or shown you signs. He may have guided you in times of confusion and led you to the right path. You may have previously believed in God and have had your faith strengthened, or have found God when you thought you were an Atheist before.

4. You have read the scriptures

You have read about God and/or Jesus and have come to the conclusion that this not only makes sense, but is the faith you wish to follow. The scriptures have inspired you to be a better person and to show belief in God.

5. You recognise that some things about the universe cannot be explained by science

What is love? Where did the universe come from? Do we have souls? Science often gives very blunt replies to these answers because there is not always a way of explaining what can be experienced inside or what cannot be seen. You recognise that there is more to this universe than what humans can suggest.

So those are the 5 main reasons I can think of. Let me know if there is anything else in the comments and which of these apply to you!


One thought on “What made you believe in God?

  1. Great post! 2, 3, 4, and 5 apply to me. I found faith and totally agree about science not explaining everything like the soul 🙂


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